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This LibGuide contains Elliott Shore's report on the Library of the Future--Ursinus Style, and other documents that may be of interest.


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The Library of the Future Working Group Report

"Through conversations between faculty, students, and staff in our group and through research on the current state of the small liberal arts college library, our work this semester became a thorough-going reconceptualization of what Myrin Library can and should be. We did not fully realize the depth of change that libraries are currently undergoing; nor did we fully anticipate the potential that the library could have as an intellectual hub for the College community. Thus, as we continued to discuss our charge, new and unexpected categories of recommendations emerged. When imagining the Library of the Future, it is not enough simply to suggest revamped facilities or increased holdings; rather, as we learned, it is necessary to re-imagine the role of information, texts, and space on the campus itself."

Read the full report below.

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