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RELS 309: Women and Religion: Start Here

This guide supports student research in RELS 309: Women and Religion. Start here to learn about Myrin Library's resources and other places that will help with your research.

WMS Discovery

Using Summon

  • Start by entering your topic in the search box
  • Example:  "body image religion"
  • You'll see 3 windows in Summon:  results in the middle, details on the right, refinement options on the left
  • Results will contain full text and citation-only items until you choose a refinement option on the left
  • You can also expand results beyond full text by checking the box at top middle
  • Also at top middle is an option to re-order results by date
  • Item details appear on the right when you hover over an item
  • Scrolling down adds more search results to the middle column
  • "News" items will be highlighted, distinct from books or scholarly articles
  • By checking or unchecking boxes at left, refine your results by item type, discipline, publication date range or language
  • Advanced search is available by clicking the gear in the grey box at top middle

Borrowing From Other Libraries

About Interlibrary Loan

When you find a citation to an article or book that you can't access, the Library can borrow it for you!

The length of time it takes to fulfill requests varies greatly depending on the library supplying us with the material. The best strategy is to submit requests as early as possible. 

Upon notification, materials should be picked up promptly at the Circulation Desk, and books must be returned there on or before the due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get books or photocopies through ILL?

The Myrin Library has borrowing relationships with many  libraries around the country. The length of time that it takes for your requested material to arrive depends on the location of the library that owns it. Sometimes materials arrive in a matter of a day or two; sometimes within a week or two. The ILL Dept. does its best to determine a lender who will be fast and reliable.
How can I get the fastest service possible?
Always check the library catalog to see if we own the journal or book. If the ISSN is available, please provide it on the ILL journal form.
What is an ISSN?!
ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number and has the following format: 1234-5678. This means that there are always four numbers, followed by a dash and four more numbers. Every journal has its own ISSN.
Is there a limit as to the number of articles I can request?
If you are putting in many article requests for an assignment, please prioritize! When putting in several requests from one periodical title, copyright restriction may apply.
How will I be notified when my book or photocopy comes in?
You will be e-mailed when your material arrives. Please pick it up at the Circulation Desk.
Do I have to return photocopies I get in through ILL?
No, they are yours to keep.
Can all books be renewed?
No, it depends on the policy of the lending library. Some give longer loan periods and then do not give renewals.
How do I renew a book?
E-mail with the ILL number found on your bookmark. You will receive an e-mail back either with the new due date or a message of refusal. It is not necessary to bring the book into the library to renew it!
Can I borrow textbooks?
No, this is against the Interlibrary Loan Code.
Can I loan my ILL book to someone else?
NO, as you are the one who will be held responsible for returning it on time and in good condition.
What is the fine for overdue ILL books?
The fine is $1.00 per day. However, if you have asked for a renewal before the due date you will not have to pay a fine even if the renewal request is refused.
What happens if I deface or lose an ILL book?
A bill will be sent from the lending library, which will include the price of the book, plus a processing fee.

Citation Guides

Research Appointments

Librarians are available to assist you one-on-one with your research.  Email me ( or another librarian to set up a time to meet.