Theater Research Guide

This guide provides background information and resources for studying about the theater.

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Citing Your Sources!

Citing your sources properly -- yes, even the images you use and the performances you watch, as well as any interviews you might conduct -- is important and required.

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) citation resources are the best ones out there on the web. Generally, Dance courses require that you use either MLA or Chicago style. Detailed information on both styles is available here.

Librarians can help with citations, too!


Welcome to the Theater Research Guide! 

This guide will help point you to great scholarly resources to use for research about all aspects of the theater.  Start by finding background information in encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference databases, a few of which are highlighted here.  Then proceed to dig into your subject by navigating the other tabs on the Theater Research Guide to find books, journal articles, websites, audio and visual resources and streaming videos. 

Please note that the words "theater" and "theatre" are interchangeable, so you might to have to use both spellings when doing your research.  In Britain and Europe, "theatre" is usually used, but in the United States, both spellings are liberally used. 


Background Information

Use One Search to search for reference books about the theater.  Good subject headings for reference books inlude: theater dictionaries and theater encyclopedias. Below are a few theater reference ebooks found with these subject headings as examples, but there are plenty more!