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Interlibrary Loan


What is EZBorrow?

EZBorrow is a regional borrowing network through which you can borrow books from our partner libraries in the PALCI consortium. When you request a book on the EZBorrow site, the request is sent directly to partner libraries without any mediation by Ursinus staff, saving processing time and ensuring you receive your book more quickly.

How Does EZBorrow Benefit Me?

There are two main benefits to EZBorrow versus traditional interlibrary borrowing:

  1. Faster Turnaround times:  Books borrowed through EZBorrow are usually received in 4-5 days, while borrowing through traditional ILL often takes 8-9 days.
  2. Longer Checkout Periods: When you borrow a book through EZBorrow, you can keep it up to 4 months.  The checkout period for traditional ILL books is typically 30-60 days.

What Can I Request via EZBorrow?

Right now only print books are available in this system.  All other materials (e-books, articles, book chapters, etc.) will continue to be requested in our regular Interlibrary Loan system.

Using EZBorrow

You can either begin your journey on the EZBorrow site ( or with a search in the Library's OneSearch catalog. The instructions below start with a search in our catalog:

1. Do a search in the library catalog.  If you come across a book you'd like to read but which we don't own, you can request it.  If the book record says it's At EZBorrow Libraries, then you can request it through EZBorrow.  If the record says it's At other Libraries Worldwide, then you'll want to request it through our other Interlibrary Loan system.

This book is available through EZBorrow.


This book should be requested through our regular ILL system.


2. If a book is available through EZBorrow, click the title to see the complete record.  Then click the red EZBorrow button on the right side of the page:


3.  You will be taken to the EZBorrow homepage.  Search for the book here by copying and pasting the title out of the library catalog:

4.  You will then see a list of results.  When you find the record that matches the book you want, click the title to see more information:


*Note:  Occasionally, the book you want will not be available in the EZBorrow system.  In that case, return to the library catalog, scroll down on the book's record and find the alternate ILL button that says "Request Item Through Interlibrary Loan". 


5. To request the book, scroll down until you see the blue request button.  Click it.


6.  A pop-up window will appear with a list of schools.  Find Ursinus College in the list and click Submit.


7. You will then be asked to sign-in to the Ursinus single sign-on system.  Enter your college credentials to continue.  You should then see a blue confirmation screen*.  You don't have to fill out any of the boxes on this page unless it is a multi-volume work and you need to indicate which volumes you'd like.  Hit confirm request.

*Note:  Sometimes after you enter your Ursinus credentials, the pop-up window will redirect you to the book's record rather than the confirmation screen.  In this case, find the blue request button inside the pop-up window and click it again.  You will then see the confirmation screen.


8.  After you confirm the request, you will see a final Request Sent message.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

That's it!  Your request is now sent to partner libraries for processing.  You will receive an email when the book has arrived at Myrin Library and is ready to be checked out.