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GIS @ Ursinus

A guide to GIS resources

ArcGIS on Campus

Ursinus College has an educational site license for ArcGIS products which allows use by faculty, staff and students for educational, research and administrative purposes. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro are available on the Dell computers on the main floor of Myrin Library. See below for instructions on installing ArcGIS products on your own computer. 

About ArcGIS

ArcGIS comprises a suite of software including: 

  • ArcMap
  • ArcGIS Online (including StoryMaps)
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Apps, such as: 
    • Collector for ArcGIS
    • Survey123 for ArcGIS
    • Workforce for ArcGIS
    • Navigator for ArcGIS
    • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS
    • Explorer for ArcGIS

Installing ArcMap & ArcGIS Pro

ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro are available for installation from the S Drive, along with authorization instructions. Look for the ArcGIS folder in the Public directory.  Both programs require a Windows operating system. It is advisable to first check system requirements to verify that your computer can run these programs. 

If you have any difficulty installing or authorizing the software, contact for assistance. 

Using ArcGIS in the Apporto virtual desktop

Apporto is a virtual desktop environment that allows users to run software through the cloud rather than installing it on their computer.  Library & IT has installed both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro in our Apporto instance.  Running ArcGIS desktop software via Apporto is the preferred solution for those with Macs, Chromebooks, or Linux computers.  It can also be used by Windows users who do not wish to install the software directly on their machine.

Apporto may be accessed directly, at or via the Ursinus Connect portal at

Accessing ArcGIS Online

Contact to request an account on ArcGIS Online. 

If you already have an account set up, you can log in here:

ArcGIS Portal

The Ursinus ArcGIS Portal is similar to ArcGIS online, but hosted locally. To access from off campus, be sure to connect using VPN. 

Insights for ArcGIS is available through the Portal.