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Diversity resources to inform and inspire us

The Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education

With about 700 signed entries with cross-references and recommended readings, this encyclopedia presents research and statistics, case studies, best practices, policies, and programs at pre- and postsecondary levels. While the focus is on diversity issues in the U.S., the encyclopedia contains entries from many different nations in order to illuminate the myriad aspects of diversity. Explore the full spectrum of diversity issues, including race, class, gender, religion, language, exceptionality, and the global dimensions of diversity as they relate to education.

Ursinus Diversity Committee Membership

  • Meredith Goldsmith - Professor of English and Associate Dean
  • Abby Kluchin - Assistant Professor (NTT) of Philosophy and Religious Studies; interim Co-Director, Teaching Learning Institute 
  • Vanessa Volpe - Assistant Professor of Psychology 
  • Debbie Nolan - Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • Mark Schneider - Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean
  • Kimberly F. Taylor - Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator
  • Brock Blomberg - President 
  • Terrence Williams - Presidential Advisor of Inclusion and Equity and Assistant Dean of Students
  • Patrick Robinson - Assistant Director of Inclusion and Equity 



About this LibGuide

This is an open collection of resources related to issues related to diversity, in its various manifestations. It is designed to help faculty, students, and staff find and share information and inspiration as they work on behalf of the UC community.

The LibGuide strives to bring together downloadable content, links to online resources, and media available in Myrin Library. It also strives to be an open, collaborative work in progress that many members of the community--both individuals and groups--actively work upon.

The LibGuide was started by the 2012-13 Faculty Diversity Committee, and original work was done by the student members of that committee and a TLI student consultant. Their first step was to reach out to UC professors whom they felt had materials to share with the community, and thanks are owed to those faculty who enthusiastically contributed ideas, references, and links. In summer 2013 considerable work was done by Diane Skorina, with some assistance from Dr. Susanna Throop (History; the outgoing 2012-13 FDC chair). In Summer 2018, the guide was revisited and updated through the combined efforts of Dr. Meredith Goldsmith and the Academic Affairs student associate, Samantha Harvey. It will be formally maintained by the Ursinus Diversity Committee. 

Please Help Improve this Work in Progress

This LibGuide is a work in progress. See a tab (or a viewpoint) that is missing, have materials you want to share, or want to take a more active role in building this LibGuide? Please do so! Our hope is that this is an open, collaborative work for the whole UC community.

If you have a simple addition to suggest--a PDF article or one link for an already established box--please send it with clear instructions for posting to Diane Skorina.

If you would like to be able to work on the LibGuide more extensively, please contact any member of the Ursinus Diversity Committee to request permission to edit the LibGuide. Requests can come from individuals or from approved campus groups/organizations. 

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