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Medieval History Guide: Home

A guide to all things medieval in the library and on the web.

Getting Started

How—and where—do I look for outside sources?

A message from Dr. Throop

1. Always start with the bibliographies and footnotes in your class readings and good outside sources. These are goldmines!

2. Brainstorm likely keywords to use for online searches—remember to think creatively.

3. Decide whether you are searching for primary sources, secondary sources, or both. Follow the guidelines and links on this LibGuide for either primary or secondary sources. 

4. Once you've exhausted the options through the LibGuide, you can search for other credible online resources

5. Talk to other students in the class. Many of you will have overlapping topics and will be able to help each other. You may even be able to share books or articles you've gotten through interlibrary loan. 


How do I get my hands on these sources, if Myrin doesn’t have them?

1. Interlibrary loan—you can request books, book chapters and articles through Interlibrary Loan. 

2. Try Google Books.


Still stumped or have a question? Talk with Christine Iannicelli, one of Myrin's research librarians. She is happy to meet with students to help them with their research projects. She is also extremely nice and easy to work with. You can email her at