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Film Studies Guide: Home

A guide for students doing research in film studies.


Welcome to the Film Studies Research Guide!

This guide will help you to conduct serious scholarly research in film studies from beginning to end. Start by exploring in some encyclopedias and dictionaries and then use the tabs to navigate through finding scholarly articles and books, as well as web resources. And if you're considering a career or looking for some local film screenings, we've got some help for that, too.

Citing Your Sources!

Citing your sources properly -- especially the films that you refer to and any images you include in your paper -- is important and required.

Purdue University's OWL Writing Lab Citation resources are the best ones out there on the web. Generally, Film Studies courses require that you use either MLA style. Detailed information on MLA and other styles, such as Chicago, are availble here.

Check out Berkeley's Guide to Citing Film, Video, and Online Media.

Diane can help with citations, too!

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries: For Background Information

Start your research by using one of our subject-specific reference books or databases, instead of turning to Wikipedia, though an excellent resource for general information, can't always be relied upon and shouldn't ever be cited in scholarly research.

  • Credo Reference
    • Online access to several Film reference works including: Chambers Film Fact Finder; the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Women in Early American Films: 1895-1930; and Pop Culture! series for different countries. Searches on film titles and terms in this database will also bring up results in Art, History, Sociology and Media related books.
  • IMDB: Internet Movie Database [free online]
    • The best place on the Internet for synopses, cast and crew lists, links to reviews, production information, quotes, etc. Note that this site contains user-created content that is changeable, and is not a substitute for verifying the information on your own, or for the material in print in the library that's written by experts and carefully edited.
  • Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film [In Print: Reference 070.18 EN19 Vols. 1-3]
    • Published in 2006, this 3 volume encyclopedia provides information on documentary films and filmmakers from around the world
  • The Encyclopedia of Novels Into Film [In Print: Reference 791.436 T432 2005)
    • This resource focuses on film adaptations from literature.
  • The Encyclopedia of Superheroes on Film and Television [In Print: 791.43652 M896]
    • A work focusing on the comic book-film connection.
  • Encyclopedia of Chinese Film [In Print: Reference 791.430951 Z61E]
    • Published in 1998.
  • The Film Encyclopedia [In Print: Reference 791.4303 K159]
    • Published in 1994
  • Images in the Dark: An Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video [In Print: Reference 791.43653 M966]
    • Resource specific to gay and lesbian film and related topics.

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