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Physics Research Guide: Home

A guide to research in Physics.


The Physics LibGuide is designed to help students of the Physics Department maximize their research, as well as provide information about graduate school, research-related symposiums, and test taking strategies.

These pages feature tons of useful material, including printed and online resources, guides to writing and presenting research, past projects by Ursinus students, and even news on recent scientific discoveries.

What to Look Forward to as a Physics Major

As a physics major at Ursinus College, you have several very exciting years of study and discovery to look forward to. Physics is indeed a tough subject to learn, but if your love of science includes the fundamental forces that make up the universe, then all the hard work will definitely be worth it.

Some interesting classes you will have the opportunity to take include Space-Time Physics, Modern Physics, General Relativity, and Astrophysics.  Additionally, there are plenty of chances to work alongside professors by assisting in research, conducting an independent study, applying to Summer Fellows, or recording podcasts.

A future in physics can take a number of paths, from research to teaching to industry to publication. The great thing about physics is there are so many areas one can specialize in; being a physics student is only the first step.