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Resources for Study Abroad: Before You Go: Find Background Info.

This guide provides resources for finding information about countries and their cultures.


Welcome to Resources for Study Abroad Guide!

This guide will help you find reliable information about the country you're planning to go to for your Study Abroad experience. It compiles reliable websites that you might not find via a general Google search, and also lists resources available either in print in Myrin or online through the library's databases that you might not think of. Together, the material presented in this guide offer a great deal of information about the country you plan to visit, without having to slog through millions of results and wonder whether what you're looking at is reliable.  

Find Background Info. on Your Country

Reference Sources & Websites

Find Popular Culture Info. on Your Country

You're not just going abroad to study, right? You're going there to LIVE, too! We offer these two resources to help you find out a little about the popular culture -- films, music, television, nightlife, etc. -- in the country you'll be visiting

  • Britannica
    • Britannica has articles on each country, with sections that cover popular culture. Search for the country, and then use the links in the article to go to the articles on music, film, literature, theater, etc. Use the links to explore particular artists.
  • Wikipedia
    • In Wikipedia, as in Britannica, search for the country that you're going to. There's usually a "Culture" section that has up-to-date information on all aspects of popular culture. Make sure to go to any "main articles" that may be linked for the particular pop culture topic. Also, click to external links provided at the end of each article to verify the information and get more details.

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