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Edible Books Festival: 2014

This is a guide for information about Myrin Library's annual Edible Books Contest.

Mime and punishment (Crime and punishment)

1st Place Winner - Group Category

Artists: Angela Upright & Dayna Honrychs


Artists: Tianna Lettieri, Mark Lesser, Paul Cullura & Sean Cooney-Olson

The Brothers Kara-matzah (The Brothers Karamazov)

Artists: Rachel Brown, Jeff Erkkila & Christine Saraco

Invasive Reese's (Invasive species)

Artists: Rich Wallace & Family


Artists: Charlie Jamison & Katie Jamison


Artists: Elizabeth Cooley & Megan Phipps

Il faut beaucoup aimer les pommes/You have to love apples a lot (Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes/You have to love men a lot)

Artists: French Club (Jessica Long, Elspeth Sarro, Ayesha Contractor & Meghan Strong)

A Date on strawberry road (Strawberry road)

Artists: Technology Support Center (Rick Kohn, Matt Miller, Ray Stitt & Joe Trump)

The Dovepeepers (The Dovekeepers)

Artists: Shannon Spencer & Marie Mori

Orange is the new snack (Orange is the new black: my year in a women's prison)

1st Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Andy Prock

A Confederacy of lunches (A Confederacy of dunces)

Artist: Charlie Jamison

On the Oranges in Reese's by greens and Nature Valley sections (On the Origin of species by means of natural selection)

Artist: Michael Heimbaugh

The Sno-Queen's frozen yogurt (Frozen, inspired by The Snow Queen)

Artist: Andy Prock

Animal parm (Animal farm)

Artist: Denise Hartman

Still life with bread crumbs

Artist: Andy Prock

Cross my heart

Artist: Maureen Damiano

Little sprouts on the dairy (Little house on the prairie)

Artists: Quinn Gilman-Forlini & David Martin

House of chard (House of cards)

2nd Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Andy Prock

Parsnipolis (Persepolis)

Artist: Shannon Spencer

The Goldfish (The Goldfinch)

Artist: Andy Prock


Artist: Dominique de St. Etienne

Prawn girl (Gone girl)

Artist: Andy Prock

The King's peach (The King's speech)

Artist: Carolyn Weigel

Blue is the weirdest color for food (Blue is the warmest color)

Artist: Andy Prock

The Goldfish (The Goldfinch)

Artists: Julia Glauberman, Mara Berzins & Zeba Hussaini