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Edible Books Festival: 2013

This is a guide for information about Myrin Library's annual Edible Books Contest.

Nineteen ate a four (1984)

1st Place Winner - Group Category

Artists: Justin DeChillo & Celina Sooksatan

The Oreosteia (Oresteia)

Artists: Brooke Haley & Tim Kaub

The Lord of the ring pop (The Lord of the rings)

Artists: Alina Vo & Julia Kelley

Donkey Xote and Sancho Panda (Don Quixote)

Artists: Peter Willard & Elizabeth Willard

A Death in the family

Artists: Peter Nikel & Caroline Clark

Tom Soil (Tom Sawyer)

Artists: Eric Pfeiffer, Tess Casper & Sabrina McGettigan

Fifty shades of Grey Poupon (Fifty shades of Grey)

1st Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Andy Prock

The Cat herd in the rye (The Catcher in the rye)

Artist: John Parry

A Wrinkle in thyme (A Wrinkle in time)

Artist: Judy Fryer

Turkish delight in August (Light in August)

Artist: Diane Skorina

World War Ziti (World War Z)

Artist: Andy Prock

2014 Gallery

World War Ziti (World War Z) by Andy Prock

Tom Soil (Tom Sawyer) by Eric Pfeiffer, Tess Casper & Sabrina McGettigan

The Walking bed (The Walking dead)

2nd Place Winner - Individual Category


Artist: Charlie Jamison

Goodnight prune (Goodnight moon)

Artist: Denise Hartman

Chicka chicka boom boom

Artist: Caroline Lippe

Lemony Snickers: "Who could eat something this sour?" (Lemony Snicket: "Who could that be at this hour?")

Artist: Andy Prock