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Edible Books Festival: 2009

This is a guide for information about Myrin Library's annual Edible Books Contest.

The Rainbow fish

1st Place Winner - Student Category

Artists: Kayla Federline & Samantha Fortin

The Devil wears produce (The Devil wears Prada)

1st Place Winner - Faculty/Staff Category

Artists: Ginny Bradely, Heather Brown, Carolyn Moatz, Marci Stehman,  Linda Wacher

20,000 Leagues under the sea

Artist: Claire Peterson

Hannah Banana Montana (Hannah Montana/Ms. Hannah is bananas!)

Artist: Dana Pienta

Little bowed Peeps (Little Bo-Peep)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

If you give a mousse a muffin (If you give a moose a muffin)

Artist: Maureen Damiano

A Tree grows in Cookielyn (A Tree grows in Brooklyn)

2nd Place Winner - Student Category

Artist: Meg Dawley

Dewey, the small town library cat

2nd Place Winner - Faculty/Staff Category

Artist: Dominique de St. Etienne

The Scarlet cheddar (The Scarlet letter)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

The Great latke (The Great Gatsby)

Artist: Diane Skorina

The Three Musketeers

Artist: Claire Peterson

20,000 Leagues under the "C" (20,000 Leagues under the sea)

Artist: Monica Giancarlo

Lord of the peach rings (The Lord of the rings)

3rd Place Winner - Student Category

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

Panettone-mint (Atonement)

3rd Place Winner - Faculty/Staff Category

Artist: Nina LaTassa

The Audacity of Peeps (The Audacity of hope)

Artist: Claire Peterson

The Shack

Artist: Maureen Damiano

New moon pie (New moon)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

Five little chicks

Artists: Denise Hartman & Charlie Jamison