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Edible Books Festival: 2010

This is a guide for information about Myrin Library's annual Edible Books Contest.

The Last of the mojitos (The Last of the Mohicans)

1st Place Winner - Group Category

Artists: Mike Ingargiola & Laine Cavanaugh

Caramel Sutra (Kama Sutra)

Artists: STAR

Sex, drugs and Cocoa Puffs

Artists: Mike Ingargiola & Laine Cavanaugh

Alice's adventure in Fondantland (Alice's adventures in Wonderland)

Artists: Saible O'Brien, Jade Spurka & Clint O'Donnell

The [Edible] works of St. Augustine: Acidity of God (City of God) /Concessions (Confessions) / Tater-tot frittata (De Trinitate)

Artists: Religious Studies Department

The Berenstain Bears: By the sea

Artists: Charlene & Andrea Wysocki

The Old man and the sea

Artists: Melissa Krupa & Kacie McKormick

"The Walrus and the Carpenter" from Through the looking-glass

Artists: Lailey Jongblood & Jenn Gilman

Around the world in 80 dates (Around the world in 80 days)

Artists: Rebecca Evans & Daughters

The [Edible] world of Beatrix Potter (The World of Beatrix Potter)

1st Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Jesse Finafrock

On the Weenieology of morels (On the Genealogy of morals)

Artist: Jon Volkmer

Thyme in Greek yogurt (Time in Greek tragedy)

Artist: Carolyn Weigel

A New Earth

Artist: Charlie Jamison

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Artist: Megan Mowrer

A Sprinkle in thyme (A Wrinkle in time)

Artist: Denise Hartman

The Very hungry caterpillar

Artist: Elizabeth Mahoney

S'mores and Pieces (War and peace)

Artists: Instructional Technology: Jean Bennett and Tori Waskeiwicz

Around the world in 80 Lay's (Around the world in 80 days)

2nd Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Jessica Porcelan

Grapes on a path (The Grapes of wrath)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

The Necklace

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

The Lovely cones (The Lovely bones)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

The Neverending story

Artist: Sam Fortin

The Little cupcake that could (The Little engine that could)

Artist: Kevin Amiri


Artist: Elizabeth Hooper

Great expectations

Artist: Jonathan Palmisano