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Edible Books Festival: 2011

This is a guide for information about Myrin Library's annual Edible Books Contest.

CIE 9-hole course: On the origin of Reese's / The Sliver between / Bhagavad pita / Communist manifiesta / Declaration of sentimints / Euthyphrozen yogurt / Applecorey of the cave / Lo Mein kampf / Gilgamash

1st Place Winner - Group Category

Artists: Sam Wildonger, Sara Mohler, Anna Larouche, Pearl Steinberg, Alison Poandl

If you give a cat a cupcake

Artists: Wismer Bakery Team: Tiffany Rose, Brenda Wood, Melissa Albright, Diane Raymond

The Elegance of the hedgehog

Artists: Myrin Interlibrary Loan Department

Of Rice and men (Of Mice and men)

Artists: Chrissy Testa & Jon Mellinger

The Three little pigs

Artists: Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity & Friends

A Clockwork orange

Artists: Zeba Hussaini & Julia Glauberman

An American tragedy

Artists: Abe Woycka, Michael Wasserman, Chris Zinn, Anthony Greenstone

Burger boy

1st Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Tara Kreider

A Kumara of one's own (A Room of one's own)

Artist: Marcus Hswe

The Things they curried (The Things they carried)

Artist: Abby Raymond

Heart of darkness

Artist: Maureen Damiano

Olive(r) twist (Oliver Twist)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

Rainbow fish & friends

Artists: Lindsay Knauer & Regan Dohm

The Silence of the lambs

2nd Place Winner - Individual Category

Artist: Maureen Damiano

A Million little Reese's pieces (A Million little pieces)

Artist: Alex Wilson

One hundred chips of salsatude (One hundred years of solitude)

Artist: Diane Skorina

Lord of the fries (Lord of the flies)

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

The Cereal murders

Artist: Lindsay Sakmann

A Wrinkle in time

Artists: Ana Olenska, Sara Obeiter, Sam Cermignano